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2016 Sligo Live Festival Brochure

We love feedback! In Sligo it’s mighty when folks stop to chat and tell us what they liked and their ideas for future incarnations of the festival. Sligo Live is run by a small army of volunteers and these chats have made it into Ireland’s largest winter Roots, Indie & Traditional gathering.  This year feedback also came via Twitter, Facebook, Online Forums, Blog mentions as well over the aprés festival beverage or two.

Here are a few of the comments we’ve received below…  and you can get touch anytime using any of the mediums above or e-mail Look forward to hearing from YOU.

From Ticketmaster forums


by tribly
What a magnificant event – some entertainer – cant wait till he comes to Dublin next year.
Favourite moment: The whole event – memorable


by Plazaman
A fantastic gig over 2 hours long with the inimitable Mr Costello belting out his songs on his solo run here in Sligo. Just himself and 4 guitars made for a great show and his witty banter with the audiences added to the greatness of the show. My fears that the Knocknarea Arena of Sligo IT (i.e. it’s sports hall) would be a nightmare soundwise were unfounded and the sound was crisp and clear in the 1200 seater venue. Even when Elvis stepped away from his mic at one stage, his powerhouse of a voice could be heard clearly around the hall. All the classic songs were played along with a few I never heard of but all captivating. A great show and well done Sligo Live Festival, a great weekend all around.
Favourite moment: His “sitdown songs”, classic and lively opening (Olivers Army).
Opening act(s): Rachel Sermanni (Scotland)


by FanSidekick
I went to this gig with my wife who is the real Elvis fan so I would have been happy just to have enjoyed the evening. Instead I actually really enjoyed the gig. Elvis was well supported by a surprisingly good support act who got the crowd into a very appreciative mood. Elvis got off to a routine start with a reprise of his oldest standards but I felt things only really got going with his self-depreciated “I Write The Book”. He accompanied himself to fantastic effect on a variety of guitars and at one point a piano and loud-hailer.?Elvis gave us a two hour tour of his catalogue. I particularly enjoyed the quieter songs which he delivered from a seat to the side of the stage. He took a bow half way through and the crowd became anxious that he had finished for the evening. Encore after encore followed for another hour and we were all left anxious that each song would be the last.
While my wife was disappointed by only one song which was her favourite, Veronica, I only have one complaint. Maybe just once Elvis could take his signature hat off!
Opening act(s): I can’t remember her name but this lass from Scotland was fantastic.


by moleskin65
What an evening… class venue with a sound system that will take some beating. As for Elvis Costello…he had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the opening bars of Oliver’s Army.
Favourite moment: Pump it up………..


by Arragh
I saw two women and a guy jump into a taxi outside Hargadons on O’ Connell St Sligo – “Does anyone know where we’re going ?” one shouted to the other ” Oh, just say Elvis Costello – he’ll know where to take us” ….. and of course he did – it’s not every Saturday that EC is having tea in Source Restaurant and then heading for the Sports hall in the Sligo IT – or the Knocknarea Arena if you want to be fancy. Onstage for just over two hours he left everyone in the hall gasping and grinning like a posse of cheshire cats….. three words for the show : Comprehensive; Engaged; Deluxe. One word for the crowd : Happy.


by Anonymous
KT was recommended by a friend and I wasn’t a fan before the gig but I defininitely am now. The gig was very well organised and the venue was great but most of all, she was fantastic. She really impressed me because she sang on her own. She didn’t have her band with her and she didn’t need them. She sang beautifully, she has great lyrics and melodies and a brilliant sense of humour. She really got the crowd going. I will be definitely going to see her again the next time she is in Ireland!
Favourite moment: The seaweed bath song she made up on the spot


Sheila Friel

Absolutely brilliant weekend had at Sligo Live!!!

Miley Graham

Great night last night with The Staves The Dirty Beggars The JPTrio RURA Oddsocks Revival & other at The Model (Sligo Live). TONIGHT look out for The Unwanted MASS & The BaRLey MOB among others…

Darragh Sheridan

Stop/Look/Listen/ Still recovering from a fan!!tastic DayOne of Sligo Live- All stages & Festival club were buzzin @ The Model Sligo. Quality acts to see today, SAT: The Young Folk 3pm, Lyons Cafe: Henrietta Game 4pm, The Clarence: The Staves 8pm, RURA & The JPTrio 10pm, @ The Model stages & club

Donal Finn

My first trip to sligo live and i will definately be back. Elvis costello is the man

Thérèse Themlin-Tasiaux

I had really a great time in Sligo. I was there thanks to my husband who offered this present to me for my birthday. I am Belgian and I have been living near Marseille in the South of France for 18 years and I have come to Sligo Festival to look for inspiration and collaboration for my next album (if you are interested let me know !). I am a singer songwriter and I have had the opportunity to sing… on the acoustic stage of Sligo live. I want to thank again the organizers who made this possible : Deirdre Melvin and Nichola, and Philip who lent me his guitar ! There are many talented artists in Sligo Live. I will recommend it to French people and I hope I’ll come again next year to sing at the festival iif the organizers are interested in my music …

Gareth Walsh

I think Louis from Admiral Fallow pointed to me at some stage. Maybe to get the “Christ is Risen” sign in the shot. One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen. Sligo Live Sessions, nothing but good.

The Living Tradition

Glad we could make it to a bit of Sligo Live. Had a ball and heard some cracking music!

Rodrigo Frade

Watched these guys (Barley Mob) yesterday Sligo Live Sessions. They were great. I guess this is how Bob Marley would should if sang with Dublin accent. Via Lisa McGoldrick

Val Robus

KT Tunstall singing ‘Seaweed baths are totally awesome’, dedicated to voya seaweed baths- at Sligo Live.

Brian Mercer

Elvis Costello was amazing. Fabulous gig, nobody wanted it to end including Elvis.

Lisa White

Elvis was legendary thanks for bringing him to Sligo.

Strayaway Child

EC was just fantastic and lets give a mention to an excellent support slot from Rachel Sermanni

John Nugent

Excellent performance by KT Tunstall – great way to start the weekend

Brian Mercer
IT venue was great
t, sound was the best. KT doing the marriage proposal was a first for me at a gig. I really liked the Festival Club in the Model, really cool space. Well done Sligo Live.

Darina Mc Dwyer

Had a fantastic night at both gigs! Would have loved to stay for the whole weekend;)

Ot Way

Hayseed Dixie were great.

Rosie Daze Blog

Rosie Daze is Irish actress Nichola MacEvilly who took time out of her busy schedule to host the first Sligo Live Festival Club from The Model Niland Art Gallery.  She blogged about the mayhem behind the scenes.

SLIGO aLIVE alive oooooo

Posted on November 1, 2011

As predicted, I DID wreck the hem on my party skirt(s), and although I may not have lost my shoes down the back of the Acoustic Stage, I did lose two brollies, roughly 25 pens and my morals!!!!!


Sligo Live 2011 was without doubt the best music festival I have EVER witnessed. All that’s left now is a huge stack of CDs, a scatter of new friends, vivid memories, and serious withdrawals.
Where to start? A lot of running, a lot of guitars, a lot of bopping, a lot of pumpkins, a lot of guinness, a lot of wristbands, a lot of Bonnie Men groupies, a lot of cheering, a lot of Gary’s wraps, a lot of foot stomping, a lot of not bothering with sleep, a lot of microphones, a lot of pints for Rura, not a lot of sound men, a lot of friends, and a lot of MUSIC. In every corner of Sligo there was someone with an instrument, whether it be a guitar, an accordion or a laptop. The pubs were packed, the people were amazed, and the town was happy happy happy. From Cafe Fleur to Tricky’s McGarrigles, Koko Late to Hargadon’s, Calry Church to Kennedy’s, Lyon’s Cafe to The Glasshouse, music was alive in the West.

But the biggest party of them all was in Cathy Jordan’s house….NO… I mean the biggest party was the 3 Stage Festival Club at The Model. Oh my sweet lord did we party. Each night as audiences spilled out of KT Tunstall and Elvis Costello at the Knocknarea Arena, or Matt Molloy, John Carty & Arty McGlynn and The Unwanted at The Hawks Well, nobody wanted the party to end – so we didn’t let it!! Everyone streamed up the hill to The Model, entered through the FRONT DOOR for 3 nights of unadulterated mayhem on 3 stages. The Hayseed Dixie, The Oddsock’s Revival and The Barley Mob in the Blackbox. The gorgeous Friel Sisters hosted Trad Sessions in the area formerly occupied by yer man Conrad. And with me, on The Acoustic Stage, a whole line up of acts caused nightly mayhem and curfew trouble. As the esteemed Johnny Ferguson put it, ‘My liver woke me up this morning shouting ‘One more tune’…’
On the Acoustic Stage we partied with –
Maurice Lennon  Seamus Begley  Tim Edey  Sam Lewis  Rozi Plain  Mairin Mannion      Ollie Alcorn   Eoin Glackin   Sharon Conway  Rura  The Young Folk  Rachel Sermanni     The Bonnie Men  The Staves  The Dirty Beggars Therese Thellman  The JPTrio   The JPTrio + 2   The Unwanted – Rick Epping, Seamie O’Dowd, Cathy Jordan The JPTrio + Friends and seeing us home in style, Admiral Fallow!
Tara McGowan at The Model was a lady as always and incredibly supportive to us. As were Lara, Niall, Jenny, Marielle, Ollie Alcorn (who totally rocked (folked) the Acoustic Stage on Friday night. Fionnuala Carter, Vincent Melvin, Brendan (MrMelvin) did some much appreciated running around, chair moving and pumpkin maintenance.
The SligoLive Festival Club re-awoke the wild party animal inside the long snoozing walls of The Model! With hundreds of people landing on the premises nightly, someone remarked ‘We’ve reclaimed The Model for The People’. Power to the People. Long may this last.
So here’s to another year. Keep your eyeballs on in the next couple of weeks as the headliners for 2012 will be announced. CAN’T WAIT.
In the meantime, if you’ve taken photos at any of the gigs please send them to You could win tickets to SligoLive 2012 but you’ll also be helping document the entire festival – hard to be everywhere! Also, if you log on to you’ll see some clips of the Maurice Lennon, Seamus Begley & Tim Edey gig which was streamed live on the web.
I’d like to say thanks a million billion trillion to Deirdre Melvin, Shane Mitchell and Rory O’Connor for inviting me to get involved in the chaos by hosting the Acoustic Stage at the Fest Club. In the words of Vincent Melvin ‘It was epic’.