The Blindboy PODCAST Live

Knocknarea Arena at IT Sligo – Tuesday 22nd October at 8.00 pm – Tickets On Sale Now

Sligo Live In association with AMA Music Agency is delighted to present The Blindboy PODCAST Live @ Knocknarea Arena IT Sligo on Tuesday, 22nd October 2019 at 8 pm. Tickets €25.00 + s.c.

Blindboy’s increased notability away from his band Rubberbandits, has allowed him to explore wider avenues and create perhaps outrageously mind-altering brainchildren which can only be described as courageous, yet bonkers. With a number one selling book under his belt and a podcast that has reached interest not only in Ireland but internationally, the satirist could possibly single-handedly change people’s mind-set on mental health and the deafening stigma which surrounds it.

Outspoken, informed and empathetic, Blindboy engages his audience with an unusual touch of realism. There is a very authentic feeling of “freedom” he exhudes which allows his listeners and participants to openly speak their mind without judgement and no topic off limits – certainly an air of belonging encircling the space you find yourself in when listening or in company of Blindboy.

His latest innovative creation, The Blindboy podcast not only indoctrinates mental health issues but reaches further into a wide spectrum of current topics, may it be gun laws, feminism, racism or a bit of history. Blindboy has it covered.

“The Big Issues top 100 thinkers in the world, for his International podcast”

“His uncanny ability to articulate what nearly everyone is thinking is unparalleled and something that is sorely needed in Irish society”. – The Daily Edge