History & Heritage

“A place steeped in history (video) and mythology, with a creative tradition (made in sligo) that lives in the music, art (video), poetry and expression of its people. From lakes and rivers to beaches and dramatic limestone mountains, Sligo is a place where ancient sites (video), spectacular landscapes and rolling waves (video) inspire stories, trails and adventures (video) that will open your mind and invigorate your body.

Come and join us in Sligo and set your spirit free.


A comprehensive list of heritage sites in Sligo



For the devotee of Irish history, heritage, mythology or folklore, County Sligo in the west coast province of Connacht, has everything. For those who take time to read the landscape, every stone and hill has its own unique, often bloody, story to tell. Here one can literally trace the dramatic tendrils of our nation, from mythological origins through a turbulent history to a modern nation. In its lofty mountains, its winding rivers, its jagged coastline, God has created here a land blessed by time and unspoiled by time or man.