Indigo Girls + Very Special Guests

Knocknarea Arena at IT Sligo – Saturday 26th October at 8.30 pm (Doors 7pm) – Tickets On Sale Now

Sligo Live is proud to present a performance by the Grammy Winning US duo Indigo Girls + Very Special Guests in the Knocknarea Arena at IT Sligo on October 26th at 8p.m. Tickets €38.00 + s.c. (special guests to be announced soon).

The power of unity, both in music and in life, has been an INDIGO GIRLS calling card ever since they burst into the spotlight with their 1989 self-titled breakout album. Since the duo got together thirty odd years ago as high-school students in the southern U.S. state of Georgia, they have produced fifteen albums (seven gold, four platinum, and one double platinum), earned a Grammy and seven Grammy nominations, and have toured arenas, festivals, and clubs the world over. It is rare to find musicians together so long, rarer still with such profound successes. Their music lives in the hearts of generations of dedicated fans and continues to inspire young musicians. This loyalty is not accidental.

Decades into their career, the Indigo Girls still amaze conventional pundits with their ability to grow and thrive. The duo’s constant touring, as well as staunch dedication to social and environmental causes, has earned them a fervidly devoted following over the years. The Indigo Girls stand tall, having earned the lasting respect and devotion of a multi-generational audience which continues to experience their creative evolution in the studio and on stage. No matter where their creative journey takes them, they hold out a hand to their listeners and we get to feel it all.