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30 October

Robert Plant Presents Saving Grace Featuring Suzi Dian

Plus Very Special Guest Rory Butler

Saving Grace, the co-operative featuring former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and Suzi Dian (vocals), Oli Jefferson (percussion), Tony Kelsey (mandolin, baritone, acoustic guitar), and Matt Worley (banjo, acoustic, baritone guitars, cuatro). 

Since forming in 2019, Saving Grace have received numerous acclaims for their live shows including from Bob Harris who called it ‘One of the best gigs I’ve seen in years’ to Toni Woodward, Americana UK who perfectly summed up the ethos of the cooperative by saying: “…These five musicians have produced a supreme ninety minutes of music with considered interpretations of others’ compositions, ensuring they present an innovative exploration of the songs whilst maintaining their true essence. Furthermore, this odyssey has been undertaken in the spirit of appreciation, musicianship, and exultation: they truly are a band of joy!”. 

Saving Grace describe their acoustic-based material as “Music inspired by the dreamscape of the Welsh marches”, with dynamics that range “from a whisper to a scream”. 

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